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New management of Unioeste assumes the institution

Prestigious by the State Govern representatives, municipalities  and the entire internal and external community of State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste) was performed on the 16th of January the possession ceremony of the dean Alexandre Almeida Webber and Gilmar Ribeiro de Mello for vice-dean, in addition to the five directors of each campus of the Institution and of the centers directors elected for the 2020 a 2023 management.

On the occasion, the superintendent of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Paraná (Seti), professor Aldo Nelson Bona, said that “for living in a world of constant transformation, it is expected that the academy will be at the forefront so that it can be fair with the society. This challenge implies making the universities increasingly inserts in its regions. Lastly, Aldo took the opportunity to advise the new managers of Unioeste. “Work in tune between you and with the campuses directions, don’t allow yourselves to disband. Always bet in dialogue as a method to seek, to find and to build all the solutions to the best’s paths for Unioeste.

At the ceremony, the Unioeste dean, Professor Alexandre Almeida Webber, greeted all the presents and said “our Unioeste has been on its path not only forming, but transforming. It transformed me and transformed the West and Southwest region of Paraná. My dedication in face this path of Rectory is because I could not exempt myself from defending this University that has done so much for me. After the election, we are one Unioeste. I integrate the dean’s team as another soldier in the fight and defense of Paraná’s heritage”, he exalted.

The Unioeste’s vice-dean, Gilmar Ribeiro de Mello, thanked everyone for their support and emphasize the commitment to restore the Unioeste’s confidence and credibility through communication with the society. “We will do a management based on transparency, reducing bureaucracy, computerization, organization and a lot of tranquility. I am assured that we will correspond with a lot of dedication and hard work, focused on improving the education, research and extension, but with a different perspective on student assistance. The hope on the change is the best start of any year”, he emphasized.

Translated by Maria Julia Takaki Arroyo 


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