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Unioeste against COVID-19

Western Paraná State University - Unioeste, has acted in several areas in the combat against Coronavirus (Covid-19). Technological Innovation Center (NIT), has gathered a group of professionals and doctoral students from Unioeste, to act on the recovery of breathers and hospital equipment.

With General Superintence of Science, Technology and Higher Education’s (Seti) support, postgraduate students in engineering, health care professionals volunteers and entrepreneurs of SRI/Iguassu Valley, have united to fix and do the maintenance of breathers and other equipment which might be used in COVID-19 treatment, which were unused, without any replacement parts.

For the time being, the work is being done for University Hospital of Western Paraná (HUOP) and Regional Hospital of Francisco Beltrão. The group has experience with apparatus maintenance and parts printing with a 3D printer and it counts on 10 volunteers in the technical team of the project. A small part, which would cost around R$ 200,00, costs only R$ 2 being printed with this technology, in other words, only the material price (filament) which is used.

Translated by Paula Myllena Batista Ferreira 


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