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University Hospital receives MRI machine

A 30-year struggle ends. In August, the University Hospital received an MRI device that will assist Cascavel and region by the Unified Health System (SUS).

With the arrival of the equipment, the structure should be completed in a month and the expectation is that it is working in September. Currently, few public hospitals in Paraná offer this service and the population often must go to Curitiba to undertake the examination. This is the first resonance in a public hospital in the interior of the state. "The queue for this exam is very large and our expectation is that we can zero the wait. This demonstrates that this investment is of great value to the public health of the whole region", points out the rector of Unioeste, Alexandre Almeida Webber.

The device will be available for exclusive SUS examinations for 24 hours and can serve up to 34 patients daily. It will serve a region of 2.5 million people, benefiting those who suffer from the delay to take the exam.

The director of the hospital, Rafael Muniz de Oliveira, emphasizes the importance of the device, considering that most of the patients treated are victims of trauma. "The hospital really needed equipment that would perform tests like this. It should provide more agility in the diagnosis of patients and this is beneficial to our demand for care", he concludes. 

Translated by Renato Ignacio Sarmento


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