Unioeste Rankings

Unioeste is in a continuous growth flow in international rankings, the university was ranked among the best in the world according to the World University Rankings 2020 of the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE). The ranking evaluated almost 1.400 universities in 92 countries. The grades are constructed based on 13 indicators that measure the performance of the educational institutions in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international perspectives. The performance indicators are grouped into five areas: Teaching (learning environment); Research (volume, revenue and reputation); Citation (research influence); International View (employees, students and research); and Financial Industry Return (knowledge transfer).

Unioeste was among the best universities in education, appearing in the 28th position and in Latin America the university was among the 140 best placed.

In the World University Rankings 2021 Unioeste was classified among the 1001+. For this ranking, 1.527 universities from 93 countries and regions around the world were evaluated. In the ranking of best universities of Latin America, Unioeste was placed at the 101-125 position where 166 universities in 13 countries were evaluated.

The Times Higher Education ranking reflects an important change in the way of how the universities are assessed and valued by the society. The objective is to measure not only the universities performance in terms of research, but also to evaluate the internal policy environment, inclusion, diversity and the commitment of solving the 17 major challenges that humanity faces, presented in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of United Nations.

For the second consecutive year, Unioeste was featured in The Three University Missions Ranking 2020 edition, also known as Moscow Ranking.

The criteria for evaluating this ranking include 16 indicators, divided in three groups: Education, Research and University and Society. In this way, the quality of education, the scientific work and the third mission, which consist on the contribution of the universities for social development, are evaluated. This is the first global ranking that evaluates this last item.

The global ranking of Unioeste was among the 1500 best universities of the world (1301-1400).

For Unioeste’s International and Interinstitutional Relations advisor, professor Dr. Rafael Mattiello, “Unioeste’s international recognition in different university rankings, denotes that the university is increasingly fulfilling its mission of providing a quality education, academics researches of e excellence and university extension that impact directly the entire society in its surroundings. The rankings improve the academic environment, increase the reputation and the prestige of our institution in the international scenario, provide a growth in institutional partnerships and improve the opportunities for our graduates. Unioeste being in evidence in the international rankings is a source of great pride”.

Translated by Maria Julia Takaki Arroyo