Unioeste Cascavel

Graduate Program Type of Degree Duration
Public Policy: Disaster Management, Protection and Civil Defense Professional 1 year
Child Education Professional 1 year
Strategic Management Professional 1 year
Education of Sciences and Mathmatics Professional 1 year
Implantology Professional 1 year
Maxillofacial Traumatology and Surgery Residency 3 years
Hospital Pharmaceutics Residency 2 years
Industrial Pharmaceutics Residency 2 years
Clinical Analysis Residency 2 years
Hospital Physiotherapy Residency 2 years
Medical and Surgical Home Nursing Management Residency 2 years
Physical Therapy in Intensive Care Residency 2 years
General Surgery Residency 2 years
Pediatrics Residency 2 years
Medical Clinic Residency 2 years
Cardiology Residency 2 years
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency 3 years
Orthopedics and Traumatology Residency 3 years
Neurosurgery Residency 5 years
Bioscience and Health Master's 2 years
Pharmaceutical Sciences Master's 2 years
Conservancy and Stewardship of Natural Resources Master's 2 years
Computer Science Master's 2 years
Accountancy Master's 2 years
Education Master's 2 years
Agricultural Engineering Master's 2 years
Energy Engineering in Agriculture Master's 2 years
Linguistics Master's 2 years
Dentistry Master's 2 years
Business Administration Master's 2 years
Letters Master's 2 years
Agricultural Engineering Doctoral 4 years
Energy Engineering in Agriculture Doctoral 4 years
Linguistics Doctoral 4 years