Campus Rondon

Marechal Cândido Rondon is a dynamic city, built by the work of German immigrants who made here a place to work and live. Many cultural attractions, such as traditional festivals and folklore, attract visitors from all over the country. Its economy is based on food production. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and has recently elected the 3rd of Parana in quality of life. Among various undergraduate and graduate programs, Unioeste implemented in this campus the degrees in Animal Science and Agronomy, in order to encourage and value agriculture. It has also important research facilities, with excellence in agricultural experimentation, animal breeding and biological research.


  • Applied Social Sciences – CCSA

Accounting (undergraduate)
Business Administration (undergraduate)
Law (undergraduate)


  • Human Sciences, Education and Linguistics – CCHEL

Geography (undergraduate)
Geography (MSc)
History (undergraduate)
History (MSc and PhD)
Languages and Literature – English (undergraduate)
Languages and Literature – German (undergraduate)
Languages and Literature – Spanish (undergraduate)
Physical Education (undergraduate)


  • Agricultural Sciences – CCA

Agronomy (undergraduate)
Agronomy (MSc and PhD)
Animal Husbandry (undergraduate)
Animal Husbandry (MSc and PhD)
Rural Sustainable Development (MSc and PhD) 


unioeste marechal


Endereço Reitoria:

R. Universitária, 1619 - Universitário
Cascavel - PR - Brasil
CEP: 85819-110
FONE: (45) 3220-3000

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