Internationalizate means positioning itself in the world and expanding local development. Partnerships between higher education institutions in different countries are one of the most celebrated results of internationalization. Not only does it stimulate exchanges of knowledge, but also strengthen projects and expand their dissemination, leading to a greater number of papers citations. In this sense, it produces more impact and consequently place universities in positions of relevance.

Unioeste is a multi-campus university, with centers of excellence in the production and socialization of knowledge, attentive to regional characteristics. The administration of the university takes place at the upper, intermediate, basic and sectoral levels, through deliberative, executive, support and supplementary bodies. The higher administration has, as the highest normative and deliberative body, the University Council and the Teaching, Research and Outreach Council, as a superior advisory, normative and deliberative body in matters related to teaching, research and outreach, and as executive body the Rectory. The intermediate administration has as advisory and deliberative body in matters of teaching, research, outreach and administration the Campus Council and, as executive body, the Campus General Directorate. The basic administration has as advisory and deliberative body, in terms of teaching, research and outreach, the Council of Center and, as executive body, the Direction of Center. The centers are structured based on the areas of knowledge related to the regular courses and programs implemented at each campus. The basic sectoral administration has as its advisory and deliberative body in terms of teaching the Course Collegiate and, as executive body, the Course Coordination.

Instruments for International Cooperation:


Term of Commitment and Work Plan:


Documents of the Foreign Institution required to develop a new instrument:

Unioeste's Institutional Documents required to process a new instrument:





Endereço Reitoria:

R. Universitária, 1619 - Universitário
Cascavel - PR - Brasil
CEP: 85819-110
FONE: (45) 3220-3000

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